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Limoncello branding & bottle design

If life gives you lemons........make Limoncello.

Then design a beautiful label and bottle for it go in!

Limoncello Recipe

Peel 8 large unwaxed lemons

Place in a large jar and cover with 750ml of

Vodka, we recommend Penderyn Welsh Vodka


Stir well and leave  for a minimum of 1 week. The longer you leave the lemons to steep the stronger the lemon taste will be.

Give the jar a shake everyday.

When you can wait no longer, take a saucepan and boil 500ml of water, then add 500ml of caster sugar. Stir well to make a syrup, then leave to cool.

Strain your lemon infused vodka in to your syrup mixture and decant in to bottles.

Pop in the freezer and serve once ice cold.

Limoncello label-01.png
Limoncello bottle.jpg

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