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Llanidloes Town Branding

Branding exercise for our home town of Llanidloes.  The brief included the creation of logos which can be utilised by all local residents and businesses in an effort to bring the community together and help regenerate the town centre under one strong set of branding. Invoking the mythology of the local landscape and tradition of dragon motifs within the area including  Llyn Clywedog Reservoir’s Dragon Tail Lake, the yearly Cambrian Dragon Trail Walk (which finishes at Llanidloes Rugby Club), the town's own Llanidloes Dragon Trail with its beautiful dragon plaques and poems, Mid Wales #1 cheer and dance troupe 'The Dragonettes' & the breathtaking forests surrounding the town.

Llanidloes embosed.jpg
Llanidloes embosed mist.jpg
Love Llani tshirt.jpg
Love Llani card.jpg
LLANIDLOES Sunrise Welsh leading white background-01.png

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